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Week 2 - Let's navigate the web

Week 2 - Hey there back again to talk about E-business.

This Week the topic is on navigating the Web.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses and customers alike is navigating the Internet,

so its worth discussing how a customer or a business person can go about surfing the web, in an efficient way that is effective to meeting their needs.

Q1. Main points made by internet expert Micheal Rappa on  internet search engines

1. The internet search performed through  mediums such as Google and Yahoo allows users to search for services and products online.

2.  Search engines is a database collection mechanism used for adding , filing and finding data.

3. Paid-placement advertising
One of the objectives that businesses have online is to be at the top of the page in a search containing words that are found on their webpage.

Another trick businesses use to get notice is to pay Google to have their advertisement on the first page of a word-related search.
Both are examples of paid-placement, this type of advertising is a multi-billion dollar business that will only continue to grow.

4. Search engines are a search protocol for querying the database and  also have a ranking algorithm system that determines how the results will be presented to the user.

Q2.  Marissa Mayer interview - Marissa says 'search is in its infancy'
Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo, in her interview with Vator news in 2008 she explains why she believes search engines are still in their 'infancy' stage.

Firstly she states that most search engines have only be around for about ten years.
Although she states that search engines have developed at a rapid rate, search engines are still at the point of only locating websites from the retrieval of key words.

She says that software lacks that ability to estimate the exact subject or topic that the user will be looking for.

Mayer states that search engines in the future will be more intuitive into estimating the user's search interests.
The other improvement that will be shown attention is for search engines to update faster, showing relevant key words to news pages and twitter feed updates, to give people breaking news faster than was previously possible.
Mayer also states that mobile phone internet access is still relevantly new and that it is still finding the balance between good page layout structure and being rich in features.

My response
I would say there is merit to the claim that search engines are still in their infancy.
Google and Yahoo are still improving search predictability, while YouTube has implemented the use of past history searches to help estimate what video the user is searching for.
There is certainly the need for search engines to show users how to make searching easier.
The other area that Google will focus on is developing a program with increased intuition, however it must be noted that Mayer was interviewed in 2008 and that we have seen a number of improvements in five years.

Bill Joy - A background to the Internet and particularly to the emergence of the World Wide Web

Q3. Watch the Bill Joy video and answering the following questions

a). What are the six webs

Far – typical TV viewer experienced

2. Near – desktop computing

3. Here – mobile devices with personal information carried all the time

4. Weird – characterized by voice recognition systems

5. B2B – business computers dealing exclusively with each other

6. D2D – intelligent building and cities

Could there be more?
yes there could. Technology is continually developing, creating more opportunities to develop new ideas, such as the creation of new webs. Moreover, there could be more webs if society is demanding the supply of these webs to create new and improved search engines and new and improved websites for customers.

What does it mean for business?
it means business will be advertised more and more in between these webs, therefore making business’s more accessible and noticeable to consumers and customers who are looking for them.

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